Colorado Blue Spruce Bundle of 25

Colorado Blue Spruce Bundle of 25

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25 seedlings, size 6-12". This is a preorder and the seedlings are expected to arrive at NRICD by the date of the seedling sale on April 24. If an unforeseen weather or shipping event prevents your order from being fulfilled, you will receive a full refund.

You can pick up your order at 1800 Scituate Avenue, Hope, RI from 10:00-2:00 on Saturday, April 24.

Latin: Picea pungens

Zones: 2-7

Other common names: Colorado spruce, Colorado blue spruce, silver spruce

Mature Height/spread: 80-100 ft. high/ 10-20 ft spread. Slow to medium growth rate (12-24″ per year)

Soil / Climate: prefers organic, moist soil, very adaptable, somewhat drought tolerant for a spruce, full sun

Notes: as ornamental trees, it is among the most widely planted ornamental spruces in gardens and parks. It is also grown for the Christmas tree industry. Blue spruce has a green to blue-green color

Wildlife: The Colorado Blue Spruce provides food and shelter for siskins, nuthatches, and crossbills. Deer will often eat the foliage.

Sourced from Cold Stream Farm.